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Here's an Amazing Treatment For Ear Infection!

   Garlic is one of the most useful spices around the world. It is used by mothers and chefs for the food that they make for us. But, besides from using it as a tasty flavor ingredient, it can be also used as a home remedy as well. 

     Studies have claimed that the garlic contains strong smelling ingredient that can actually strengthen your immune system and cure various diseases.     It can cure colds, fever and many other diseases because of the strong antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that it has. You can also use it for your sore throat, asthma, cough, headache, and ear infection.

     Ear infection is very common in children, although it can occur or happen to people of any age. Painkiller are the main treatment for this cases. If you can't buy any painkillers, you can use the help of garlic to ease the pain. The infection usually clears within a few days.

Here are the easy steps:

     1. Cut a small piece of fresh garlic.

     2. Wrap that piece in tissue.

     3. Position the wrapped garlic into the opening of your ear like putting an earphone.

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