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Never Put EGGS in the Refrigerator! Check Here Why!

     A lot of us normally keeps the eggs that we bought in the market in the refrigerator since it has an egg tray there, right? But did you know that it can actually bring danger not only to your health but also to your family's health.
     There has been studies in which they've concluded that eggs which are kept in cold places, such as refrigerators, can actually contribute to the bacteria that contaminates the shell to stay alive, and among these bacteria is really harmful to our health, and that is called salmonella.

     Also in addition to that, putting eggs in the egg tray in the refrigerator makes them degenerate quicker, and the bacteria in the egg will be preserved. Also if you'll notice, the eggs that you placed in the refrigerator can absorb odors from other food that is nearby it.

     When you put a food that has Salmonella bacteria-virus in a cold place, the salmonella will multiply rapidly which contaminates everything that is in the refrigerator, that's why it is very harmful for you and your family to stock up eggs in your refrigerator as they are a great source of salmonella.

     The experts have claimed that if the egg from the refrigerator is cracked directly into the frying pan and cooked until it looked okay, the yolk would only be blood warm, in which it may contain salmonella.

     Remember to always keep the eggs in their original carton, because it helps protect the eggs and prevents them from absorbing strong odors and flavors that might affect the quality of egg.

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