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Stop Biting Your Nails Before Its Too Late! Check Out Here The Reason Why You Should Stop!

     Do you have a habit of biting your fingernails? If yes, you need to stop it right now because it can lead to sickness. By biting your nails, you yourself is breaking the skin of your own fingers and it can bring germs to the openings or pores in your skin which can lead to infection.

Here are the reasons why biting fingernails would be dangerous for you! 1. Disease-causing bacteria

          When you're biting your nails, the bacteria coming from your mouth can be easily transferred to your entire body and it can lead to many kinds of infections. You fingernails actually is as twice as dirty as your fingers which is making them the very breeding ground of infectious organisms without you noticing it. In order to fight this always always wash your hands with clean water and soap and also use alcohol for better protection against bacteria's.

2. Nail infections

          Nail biters are more prone to paronychia, it's a skin infection the occurs around your nails. When you're chewing your nails, other microorganisms like bacteria and yeast can enter through the tiny pores in your skin that can lead to redness, swelling and pus around your nails. This condition can lead to surgical operations which would cost you a large sum of money.

3. Warts due to HPV infections

          The warts coming out from your fingers caused by human papillomavirus or HPV are very common on chronic nail biters. This condition can easily spread to your mouth and lips if it's not treated early.

4. Dental problems

          Biting your nails can lead your teeth to shift out of its proper position. It can result to your teeth to misshapen, and weaken your teeth if you continue your habit.

5. Impaired quality of life

          A study claims that people who bite their nails in every single time can have a lesser quality of life than those who do not. Trying to resist nail biting and suffering due to nail biting behavior while experiencing tension can also bring a negative influence in the quality of life.

We recommend these tips for avoiding to bite your nails:

     - Keep a journal to identify your nail-biting triggers, such as boredom or tension.
     - Cover your fingertips with Band-Aids.
     - Trim it to short or manicure your nails.
     - Keep your hands busy with other activities.
     - Put a vinegar, hot sauce on your fingertips, the unpleasant taste will prevent you to bite them.

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