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Using Cotton Buds Can Hurt Your Ears! Here's the Reason Why!

   Many of us have been using Q-tips or also known as cotton buds which is used to remove the unwanted dirt inside our ears. But people doesn't know that it can damage your ears.

     A study has revealed that an individual should never use cotton buds to remove their earwax. They have claimed and concluded in the study that when you use Q-tips or cotton buds, it will only push the earwax further inside your ear and nearer to your eardrum.

     Any thing such as earwax that is pushed against your eardrums can lead to hearing damage or worst hearing loss.

     People shouldn't remove their earwax daily because it isn't really that dirty as it looks like, plus it is even good for you, since the earwax can act as a lubricant that could prevents the itching in your ear canal and it can also help you prevent the small insects to come inside your ears.      Just clean your ears with a smooth towel and try not to put anything inside your ears, but if you really want to use cotton buds, then clean your ears gently and don't make it daily, as your ears needs those earwax too.
For more information, watch the video below!

Source: TNP

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