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6 Reasons Why You Should STOP Drinking Soft Drinks/Soda!

     Have you always been drinking too much soft drinks in a day or a week? Those fizzy drinks that your gulping are not just packed full of sugar, but it is all rich in caffeine. Caffeine is a chemical that we all use to keep us awake. It's true that they can help us stay awake through a hard day at work or at school easier, but it doesn't mean that your body's enjoying it as much as you are.These are the reasons on why you need to stop drinking soft drinks:

1. It can increase the risk of cancer

     - Drinking two soft drinks a week increases the amount of insulin that the pancreas produces and can double the risk of having pancreatic cancer.

     - Drinking one soft drink a day can increase a man's chance of having prostate cancer.

2. It can lead to diabetes

     - Drinking too much sugar-sweetened drinks can increase cases of type 2 diabetes.

3. It can damage your liver

     - A study has shown that sweetened drinks like soft drinks can cause fatty liver disease and drinking just two soft drinks per day could lead to damaging your liver.

4. They can make us violent

     - According to the researchers, they found out that even teenagers who drank two soft drinks a week were more aggressive towards their friends. Those who drink five or more times a week were also most likely to smoke or drink alcohol.

5. It can cause premature birth in pregnant woman

     - Pregnant woman were warned against drinking soft drinks. Those who drink soft drinks while pregnant has a high chance to give birth prematurely.

6. It can change your brain

     - Consuming too much soft drinks can lead to hyperactivity.

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