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Attention Ladies!! You've Been Using Your Sanitary Napkins Wrong All Your Life!

Women's health is being the most important problem all around the world. More information is being published about the complications and diseases with which women's are experiencing more like cervical or breast cancer

Women should be promoted more about the proper usage of sanitary napkins, and that's raising the social status and health of all woman around the world.
In the same circumstances, I was pretty shocked when I came across a piece of information and discovered that I was using my sanitary napkins in the wrong way all my life. Then, I decided to spread the words because that would surely help all other women folk around. Here's the right way to use your sanitary napkin.

Here's an easy tutorial on how to use your sanitary napkins:

It can work on winged or without wings and reusable or disposal pads. For the disposable sanitary napkin, positioning is everything.

Firstly, you need to peel out the main adhesive of the pad and place it right in the middle of your crotch.
The entire v@ginal opening should be covered up. It should provide full coverage to the vagina and try to adjust the position until you get that.

If the pad has wings, make sure you unfold them only after you place the pad. Once the pad is properly set, only then unfold the wings and place them correctly.

Keep a regular check on the pad and change it with time to time.

For the reusable, make sure you position them in the same way.
Washing the reusable ones becomes tricky. Make sure you dip them in warm soapy water. Once they are soaked, wash them all together once your period is over.

Use antiseptic liquid and a good amount of detergent to wash your pads.

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