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Braces Can Cause Cancer! Check Here Why!

     A lot of people would like to have braces because of their teeth structure, and some would like to have them for fashion, but wearing braces can really be a struggle especially at the beginning. The pain in the adjustment every time you have to visit your orthodontist or for clean ups. Beside those adjustment, there's actually a threat to one's life if you decided to wear braces.
     There has been a study that showed that having an alloy of different metals, such as iron and nickel in your mouth (which is used for braces) can be very harmful to your body. There was this case that involved a 31-year-old patient who suffered severe discomfort in his mouth. He went to a dental clinic for it to get checked and he got diagnosed with a strange osteosarcoma.

     Osteosarcoma is a cancerous tumor which is found in the jaw. The Doctors then investigated the patient, and it turned out that there was a deformation on the patient's teeth. Aside from that there was also huge amount of metals in the tumor, which was a result from having dental braces.
     Having braces can give you side effects such as pain in the jaw, and even tissue damage inside the mouth. These open sores that is in a person's mouth can leave you defenseless when it comes to other infections.

     The Doctors concluded that wearing braces for a long period of time isn't good and can cause harm in a person's health. Also they've added that when a person decided to have braces, he/she must follow and practice a balanced diet in order to maintain the metals that is used in the braces to be in a good condition.

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