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This Is How You Can Get Rid Of Acne On The Buttocks

We get embarrass easily. Particularly, if it comes to features, we feel conscious about our appearance all the time or how should we introduce ourselves. 

It's normal to have pimples on your face, and it often leads to depression at times. A pimple appears because of the development in the level of oil inside your body.

The greatest problem is if you have acne on your butt and you have to sit somewhere ouch! It give you look so miserable but  you can't help it. The scars never were your friends at all.

But, don't worry guys here are some useful tips for you that you can do at your home.  
#1 Let your buns soak up a little sun.

Use this method once in a while because too much sun can lead to tanning.

#2 Drink this mixture.

Add one tablespoon of tartar into eight ounces of drinking water and drink. If you can't stand the taste, mix into flavored juice.
#3 How about aspirin mask for your butt?

Crush four or five aspirin pills and add one tablespoon of luke warm water. Apply a thin layer on your buttock and dry the mask and rinse it off.

#4 Use lemons as it contains natural acidic content.

Apply thoroughly, and leave it for 30 minutes. If you have open pores, it might hurt a lot but never mind it will surely give you a pimple free skin.

#5 Apply coconut oil.
Coconut and tea tree oil can prove as miracle if you apply it daily on your skin. It works against bacteria and fungus.
#6 Rub an ice on big pimples.
This will immediately relief you from painful pimples.

#7 Stand more, sit less.

It will give your skin adequate breathing and sitting for long periods contributes to pores clogged by sweat and bacteria.

#8 Wear loose fitting clothes.

Use cotton underwears, it can let your skin breath. Hope you find this reading informational, share and comment below.

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