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This Is What Happens To Your Body After You Stop Taking Birth Control!

Do you want to feel the tiny life developing inside you? Or, do you just want to get a break from the hormonal pills? Whatever the purpose be, taking time off your birth control will not precisely be the bed of roses. Here is a look through the things you may feel:

The chance of you getting pregnant is very large. So, there's a possibility of receiving the good news sooner than you anticipated.

Don't worry over if you have to wait few months before getting pregnant. The result goes both ways.

Don't worry if your menstrual cycle is a bit haywire. It needs time for your body to adapt to the regular cycle. So, keep your concerns down and let your body adjust to it normally.

Yes, the mood swing will come following in full force. Give it a bit time, it will get normal in few months.

Birth control - bed of roses. Off Birth control - the only sensation is the pain. Yes, we know it's going to be hard, but 'go girl', you have been through it before and can do it again.

The pills keep your hormonal spike under control, but once you are on your $*x drive is bound to rise.

Those pills did the phenomenon of making your b0obs look big, but don't get too discouraged when they will get back to the normal size

Source: PeanutDaily

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